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Or anyone else who just happens to be a history buff. Although I don't think I have any others on my flist.

I really need some vampire mythology that Dr. Cornelius could feasibly have unearthed at some point during one of his magical escapades. I'm working on this section in Sanguinis Vinculum where he's been going through some ancient books he has about vampires, incubi/succubi, etc. I won't explain the whole scene here, but I really want to be able to quote a relevant passage or two from these books.

Problem: my knowledge of vampire mythology is fantastic when it comes to the 19th century, but that's far too modern for a Narnian setting. I need something that sounds as if it could have been written in a medieval book of the occult, or something along those lines. I tried to write my own passage, but I really don't know enough medieval literature to pull off that sort of thing. So basically, if you can give me a positive answer to one of the following three questions, I will love you forever:

a) Do you have access to any suitably ancient writings about the vampire, which I could use as a reference point and/or quote in my writing?


b) Do you have any skill at all in writing in a way that might sound appropriate to the sort of literature PC-era Narnians/Telmarines might have had access to, and would you be at all willing to sacrifice a bit of time to help me construct something that won't sound completely embarrassing?


c) Do you know a person who COULD help me with either of the above, and could you direct me to them?


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