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Once upon a time, I know that

We will be together,

Come yesterday, you’ll take my hand

And show me things I never thought I’d seen.

It all makes sense, I swear,

If you would only take my hand.

Come yesterday, we’ll know what’s going on.


And if we fall together,

Fall into the past

With everything we always think we’ll leave behind,

One day, some day, we’ll find out we’re alive.

I’m just as lonely as I’m independent

Please just close your eyes and let me feel you there beside me

As I disappear tonight.


Do you find me charming?

Do you think I’m worth your time?

And as you hold your breath will you be dreaming of that future time

We walked away from self-restraint?

We lost ourselves in gorgeous lies.

I broke, you knelt down by my grave

And showered the bones of my fingers with kisses tonight.

The rhythm probably doesn't make a lot of sense, I know. It's more of a lyric than a poem, in truth. But oh well.
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Cheap coffee, cheaper gifts and meaningless devotions.

We needed to believe that you and I were meant to be,

The stars shone bright above us as we stared up at the sky

And said: “you’re everything to me.”

Once upon a time you got me through the nights

I felt like I could die.

We cried together, bled together, fell apart.

Melodrama, with nothing to live for but the vague idea

That life was still romantic – and we tried to make it right.

Now it’s over. Tell me, was it ever really there?

My salvation, my destruction, all wrapped up in red and white.

Each day I die a bit inside – don’t worry,

I'm ok.

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Figuratively speaking we were meant to be -
Meant to be apart.
I separate myself from all the memories I treasure.
And even though you say you'll always be there
Waiting for the day I turn by back, I won't forget
The games you played, the things you said.
I really don't believe that I can change,
And nothing fills this hole.
So sinking further into quicksand shadows,
Let us dance together,
Spin around and watch their hearts break
As the sweat makes our skin glow.
Die a little bit inside,
And let the silence wash away the sun.
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Writhing, spectral in the cloying mist,

Icy claws scratching at the windowpane

Begging absolution.


Quick, sharp wit and sharper teeth,

Burning from the inside out

They can’t get in.


Turn your back, you leave me grappling

With my own disastrous urge to

Wash myself away.


Someone take my hand and lead me

Far away from the path of justice

And stifle my pitiful cries for aid.
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Kiss Me Goodbye
Blown upon the winds of change,
You came to me.
You landed in my lap
And told me everything was going to be ok.
I panicked,
Slashing at my skin in desperation. All you felt was bliss,
And so I learnt to play along,
To thirst for blood and pain.
Kill me with your silver teeth and
Spit me out to flounder on the
Current of reality –
I never learnt to float this far from shore.
I’m not afraid, I’m not ashamed,
I’m not alone. I hold you in my lap
(And tell you things won’t be ok)
Until we part.
I toss you out, I turn away in silence,
Let it break my heart.

Two poems

Jul. 19th, 2008 04:38 pm
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...But I'd Rather Fall Asleep

A nameless, faceless shadow,
I’m so empty without you.
Kneeling at this charred and blackened altar, I cry –
Was it ever worth it? Paradox becomes a driving
Force behind my feeble efforts
As I struggle to repress the urge to turn away.
I bled before – I could do it again, you see.
I could send it tumbling right out the window,
Leaving traces of hunger and hurt.
Once, you told me I was alive –
Now I grasp at myths and legends
Trying to replace your voice inside me.
Dear, we reach an impasse:
Your eyes shine red, your stance is strong. I won’t
Abandon my pursuit, but stand tall as you
Sever flesh and bone.
Sanity, rest in peace, for your work here is done.

They Say She's A Total Hypocrite

The shadows rise up behind me, inside me.
Unclean and impure, discontent,
And I know it’s not over yet.
Doggedly beating my way through the marshes,
I’m hopelessly lost.
And I lie to the world,
And I lie to myself,
And I pray
That my lies will come true, it will turn out ok.
I lay myself defenceless at the feet of my mind,
My predator. I served myself too well.
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Keeping Faith
I used to believe I could fly,
Until the winds of change caught me up and
Swept me away to a cold, dark land where
They ravished my concept of self. I’ve tried
Ever since to forget, to recapture my purity;
Nothing ever changes in this charred and blackened pit
I call my self.
Do you believe in me? Will you
Whisper softly in my ear and
Hold me like a child as I run my bony fingers through your
Golden mane?
Even though you know I’ll cling to this;
This nightmare, long after you leave me and your memory fades
To nothing.
Even as we speak it slips like water through my fingertips
And I think I’ll bury my face in tears
And drown myself in prayers you’ll never hear.


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